Learn to use direct and indirect object pronouns together in a Spanish sentence, and when to use "se" instead of "le" or "les".


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Paris Saint-Germain vs Nimes Pris från 790:- Stäng. The Young Adult's Guide to Investing · Le corps · Learn Phonics: L - Kids vs Phonics · Abby Cadabby's Rhyme Time (Sesame Street) · Winter · Tongue Twisters  1 vs 8,765. The selfcare infographic used in this post is available for download in different Spanish: Image with Spanish text as png file.

To add to mdewey's good reply, for reflexive actions involving parts of the body Spanish usually uses the personal pronoun (corresponding to the subject) and the definite article before the part of the body, while English uses the possessive: Se tiñe el pelo vs.

Déselo a ella. (Give it to her .) In this case, the se is used to replace another personal pronoun (Le or Les). Les or le are used to replace him or her.

Se vs le spanish

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Over 100,000 English translations of Spanish words and phrases. se translation in Spanish-English dictionary. es G) la reelaboración y el almacenamiento del plutonio no deberán comenzar hasta que se reciba la información relativa al programa de energía nuclear de la parte afectada, hasta que se apliquen o se reciban los compromisos, acuerdos y otras informaciones requeridas en las líneas directrices y hasta que las Partes acuerden que la Learn how to speak Spanish with lessons, courses, audio, video and games, including the alphabet, phrases, vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, activities and tests. Plus Spanish slang and Spanish TV. May 19, 2019 'Le' is used with some verbs in Spanish where you might not expect it. disgustar: Le disgustó mucho la película y se retiró a los 10 minutos. "Se la canto" is "I sing it to him/her." This is the trickiest bit to get your head around with object pronouns in Spanish.

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Se vs le spanish

The phrase, what is your name or como se llama, literally means what do you call yourself. Since the third person calls themself his or her name it would be se not le. 2017-06-28 · le is the indirect object meaning "to him", "to her", or "to you" formal in English. se replaces le when two pronouns are used in a sentence: Se la dió. He / She gave it to him / her / you.

My brother is. Note how we use "le" even though the indirect object is stated (my Brother).
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2013-11-13 · So now you also know how to say tongue twister in Spanish. I found a couple of articles on the Web on the topic of when “se” replaces “le” in Spanish simply because “it sounds better.” Here’s one: http://www.spanishonlineresources.com/spanish-pronouns-examples-when-se-replaces-le/ You will NEVER see a sentence with “le lo.” Instead, Spanish speakers use “se lo” and “se las“. Se is used when referring to an action someone does on themselves. Le is used when someone does an action on or for a separate person.

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When you use both "le / les" and "lo/la/los/las", it gets really hard to pronounce the words. "Le lo di"? I think not. So, we change the "le/les" to "se" "Se lo di" (I gave it to him)? Much better! “Mi cuñada se los limpió.” The only reason is because it sounds better than saying “Mi cuñada le los limpió.” In other words, the change in the indirect object pronoun from “le” to “se” makes pronunciation easier.